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Can a kohen visit Har Herzl


bs’d are the kohanim allowed to visit mount herzl?


It seems that visiting Har Hertl is problematic for kohanim, as there are many graves there, and trees hanging over graves.

If you need further assistance, you can call Rabbi Munk at 972-50-413-7625, in Israel (He speaks Hebrew, but he said he will try to help you nevertheless).

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  1. This I understand clearly, as Kohaniim cannot enter a bait chaim. However; there are several opinions upon entering a cava shel tzadikim including the HaMachpelah in Chevron. It appears there is disagreement. How would you hold on this?

    1. First of all we don’t rely on this, and the minhag is not to rely on this. See Nitei Gavriel Aveilus vol. 2 chapter 91 who talks about this at length. Secondly, I think that the military cemetery is a far cry from Kever Rochel or Miron.

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