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Asher yatzar if one did not relieve himself fully


A person feels the need to relieve himself of both ketanim and gedolim. However, he only relieved himself of ketanim, and is suppressing the urge to relieve himself of gedolim b/c he does not feel comfortable using public toilets, or any other reason. May he bless asher yatzar, assuming that the need to relieve himself is not urgent? Or should he not bless, since his body is not clean?


He should not make asher yatzar. The reason is because he still has the feeling that he needs the bathroom, therefore he isn’t finished yet. Besides that, if he has to use the bathroom, and he cannot wait 72 minutes he can’t make a bracha.


M”B siman 7-2, Be’er Moshe 4-5. M:B 92-6

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