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Is it acceptable to have one kitchen in a kosher establishment?


Working as a mashgiach at a catering facility that had two separate kitchens for milk and meat, I was asked by the kashrut certifying agency to replace another mashgiach for a week at a seniors’ residence facility. I found serious violations there, including mixing of the cutlery, and fleishig design dishes among the milchig ones (The non-Jewish chef needed more milchig dishes and couldn’t find any with the same milchig design, so he bought those with the fleishig design). There is only one kitchen in this establishment for both milk and meat (there are different rows). Is such a system acceptable in a kosher establishment? Is this not a michshol waiting to happen?


I agree with you, especially if there are gentiles there alone without a mashgiach constantly keeping track of what is going on, and that no one tries doing things behind his back…


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