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If I said shehakol before ha’etz, do I still say the ha’etz?


I understand that one should make ha’etz before shehakol.
What happens if one made a shehakol then wants to eat say an apple? Should he make ha’etz, or is it better to say borei nefashot for the shehakol and then make ha’etz?


He does not have to make borei nefashos and in fact he shouldn’t because then he will be saying twice when he doesn’t have to. He should make a Ha’etz on the apple, because we only say that one can make shehakol on other foods if the person is left with no other choice, ( he can’t find out which bracha the food is or there is a machlokes about it), however it doesn’t include regular other foods.

By the way it would be the same thing if he had, vegetables and fruits in front of him and he mistakenly made the bracha on the fruits first,. If he didn’t mean to include the fruits in his bracha, he has to make a haetz on the fruits.


O:CH 206-2, M:B 9,10

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