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In halacha are you allowed to say J.., or Chri.. or J. C.


In halacha are you allowed to say Jesus, or Christ or Jesus Christ


The way you worded the question is correct, in haskafa we don;’t wanrt to say any of these words, because even if some of them are technically permitted, we don’t want to menton them. Halachically though, saying a name that is the person’s name before he was given any godly titles is halachically o.k.( although as I said not preffered), however the titles given are halachically forbidden to say, from the verse ” Vshen elohim acheirim lo yishama al picha”, not to say the names of idols etc.

Therefore, J… is alright but C… isn’t.


Hagahos Maiymoni Avoda Zara chap. 5 -3, see (Rambam Frankel edition) that the words Yeshu Hanotzary, were taken out by the censor, and were put back into that edition. Note Gr”a Y”D 147, who quote this Hagahos Maiymoni, but would still not write his name, and instead wrote “Oso Haish”

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