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Sharp food cut with meat knife in milk oven


I cut some lemon and garlic with a fleishig knife and placed it on salmon- can I cook this salmon uncovered in a dairy oven that hasn’t been used in over 24 hours


Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

The lemon and garlic are considered fleishig, because they are sharp and they were cut with a fleishig knife. However, they only contain taste of the meat and they are not the meat itself, therefore they may be baked on top of the fish. This is because the prohibition not to cook meat and fish only applies to cooking the actual meat and fish together, but not when it is only the taste of the meat with the fish.

Baking the fish with the fleishig garlic is another story. Regarding not mixing milk and meat, according to many poskim the fleishig garlic may not be baked in the milchig oven, even if it isn’t a ben yomo, ( after 24 hours), as the oven may have splatters of milchig in it. If the oven is clean you can burn it out by putting it on the highest temperature for 20- 30 min. and then you can bake it in there.

Another option would be to remove the garlic and onions from the fish, and then bake it, or use a fleishig oven.


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