Okay thanks. Does bal tishaktzu apply to those who suffer from frequent urination? It would be aggravating to go to the restroom everytime the urge arises so I hold in until the bladder actually is full or close to full then relieve myself. Then I don’t really suffer much from frequent urination anymore. I usually can distract myself meanwhile and not focus so much on it. It seems doctors do recommend this for bladder training. I also read somewhere that if one can hold for 72 minutes it is also not considered bal tishaktzu. I also read one can delay until they find the proper facilities if it is feasible for tzneuis reasons.

This is a follow up for this:


If it is needed for medical reason it is permitted.


Mordechai Chullin 743,  Pri Chadash siman 91-3, Machzik Bracha 91-4, Pischei Teshuva Y:D 81-2.

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