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Mistake with Chanukah candles on erev Shabbos


I have a few questions if a mistake was made.while a woman was lighting Shabbos and Chanukah candles

  1. A lady has to light both Chanukah & Shabbos candles.
    She lit the Chanukah candle (first) and by accident made the bracha “ner shel Shabbos” on it. More than 3 seconds elapsed, so she cannot fix it.
    What should she do now?
  2. What about the other way around, she mistakenly said the Chanukah bracha on the shabbos candles?
  3. What if she lit the shabbos candles first before, and then she remembered she has to light the Chanukah candles?


  1. She didn’t mean to light the shabbos candles; she only made a technical mistake in saying of the bracha on the Chanukah candles. Therefore it is like she just didn’t say any bracha at all. She may still say sheasa nissim, and Sheheciyuna.
  1. If the opposite happened, she lit the shabbos candles and mistakenly said the bracha for Chanukah. She may still say the bracha as long as it is still permitted for her to light.
  1. If she accidental lit shabbos candles first, then it is worse since she was already mekabel shabbos. She should try to find someone to light the Shabbos candles for her. The other person should make the bracha L’hadlik, and then she should say the other bracha, and if it is the first night the other two brachos.


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  1. In number three, it should say, “she should find someone else to light the ‘Chanukah’ candles for her”.

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