I was recently asked by a Righteous Non Jew (Ben Noach) about birth control. In countries like Niger or South Sudan, the birth rate is around 7 children per woman and there is a crisis in terms of resources and HIV. From the Torah perspective- are we able to encourage non Jews to use birth control?


It is controversial among the sages if a ben noach may do birth control, therefore I would surely not encourage it.

Abortion is surely forbidden for them to do as it is considered killing.


Tosafos Sanhedrin 59b D:H V’ha, Tractate Sanhedrin 57b, Rambam Melachim 9-4. However see Mishna L’melech Melachim 10-7, how brings the Ramban, also see Sdei Chemed Maracha 7 Klal 20 who talks extensively about this, he brings a Seiltis 165, that a non Jew is commanded  in procreation, Also see Toldos Noach ( R E. Baruch 4-35.

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