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Kesubah for giores before age three


After learning through Mishnayos Kesubos, Iearned that a Ger that was converted before age 3, her kesubah would entitle her to the full 200 zuz. My wife was indeed converted as a baby, but we just reviewed her kesubah that “I” gave her and it says only 100 zuz, also it never mentions “besultada,” are these issues that we need to have fixed or is it “too late” as it would be 100 zuz and not say that now?


Sounds funny, and this is something that the Rabbi who wrote the kesubah should explain, it isn’t usual for them to wrtie 100 in the kesubah unless he had some sort of reason. Maybe the geirus was done after she was three.

Other than that, if it is indeed a mistake then you have write another, as soon as possible, because this one doesn’t state the proper amount that she is entitled to. Also ask the Rov if she needs a “kesubah d’estakach ba taus”.

If indeed it is a mistake it should be taken care of quickelyas one may not live with his wife if they don’t have a valid kesubah. There is a short term solution if indeed you have to write a new kesubah, and that is to give your wife a $500 dollar check as a sort of cloatteral on the base money of the kesubah, and then you can buy some time until you get a it sortd out.


E:H 67-3, 66-2,PIshi Tesuva Y”D 268 – 8





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