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A couple that had a conservative wedding



A couple that got married by a conservative rabbi. The Eidim were also not Shomer Shabbos. What is needed for them to have a kosher wedding, (of course after verifying they are Jewish and permissible to marry each other)?
Is a ring given again with all the blessings? Birchas eirusin and also birchas chasanim?


Assuming that there were no two shomer Shabbos people at the wedding that saw them getting married, (this might have to be verified) then they would indeed need a ring that belongs to the husband that he will give to her at the new wedding, and all the berachos. However they would not have sheva brachos more than the meal that they will make after the new wedding.


E:H 42-5, Pischei Teshuva E:H 62-9

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