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Pas Akum at a bread making course


I’m going on a bread making course with non-jews
Can I eat the bread I make when I place it in a non jewish oven
What guide lines do I need to follow regarding the above

Many thanks


Assuming that the oven is “kosher” and there isn’t anything not kosher inside it, and that all the ingredient are all kosher, than all you have to do is turn the oven on in order to make that the bread should not be pas akum. This is even if you don’t actually put the bread inside the oven.

If the oven is electric, then even if it already on, you could turn the switch off and then on again and it is as if you turned the oven. Even if it is a wood oven, by adding some wood to the fire before it bakes will permit the bread.


Y:D 112-9


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