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Acquiring in kiddushin and a get.



Am I correct in my understanding of the Talmud (Tractate Kiddushin) and related Halacha?

In Kiddushin 2A, it states that a wife is acquired by money, a contract, or relations.

Then, in Kiddushin 2B, it explains that by this kinyan (acquisition) it makes her forbidden to all others.

Am I correct in my understanding that if any of the three (3) methods (money/gift of value, writing, or relations) are done, with the intent of a marriage, that a Get would thereafter be necessary to end that relationship?


There are two stages to marriage, the first stage is called ayrusin, which is what the gemorah over there is referring to, and the second stage is called nesuin, which is when the marriage is complete. This is when he actually takes her into his home, or when they go under the chuppah.

 A woman that had the first tag of marriage will also need a get, to end the relationship and permit her to re-marry.

Nowadays we don’t do kiddushin through relations. Also we generally don’t do the actual kiddushin with a contact. 


Shulchan Aruch Even Ha’ezer 26-3.

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