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Making some new types of coffee on shabbos



I recently bought a coffee in Israel which says in the ingredients “97% Instant coffee freeze dried, 3% Roasted ground).

Can I make it on Shabbos and if so how?


This coffee that you are describing is a new type of coffee sold in Eretz Yisroel, and possibly in other places in the world by Taster’s Choice Called Barista, which could mark a new trend in coffee production. The company puts in a small amount of plain roasted coffee beans inside in order to give the coffee a more natural taste, without it being like Turkish coffee that has many particales on the bottom of it. While the coffee may be more tasteful, for Shabbos it is an issue, as part of the coffee has never yet been cooked. Although it was roasted already, we are stringent regarding cooking these things, and they should not be put even into a kli sheini. Therefore this coffee should not be put into a cup that was poured directly from an urn or pot. This issue should be publicized so that people will know not to do this. However irui kli sheini (pouring from the kli sheini on to the coffee in a different cup) according to many poskim is permitted.

Therefore when making a cup of such instant coffee, the hot water should be poured in to a cup, and the coffee should be put into another cup, and then the hot water may be poured on to the coffee in the second cup.

Note: This is for Ashkenazim, as some Sefardim have a different minhag regarding this.



O:CH 318-5, M:B 45 quoting Pri Megadim E:A 45 that in a kli shleishi it is permitted, however see the Pri Megadim who quotes the Magen Avraham that even irui kli sheini is permitted. Ketzos Hashulchan 124-21, R’ Y. Cahen, R’ Y. Berkowitz shlit”a, since even a kli sheini for this is only a minhag, we aren’t going to be more stringent than what it actually says in the Rema. Note: R’ Rubin shlit”a (author of Orchos Shabbos) holds that the tea may only be added after the water is already inside a kli shleishi.

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