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Seforim placement in the bookcase.


Is there any halachic consideration given to the placement of holy seforim on one’s bookshelf? Can Chumashim, etc be placed (if there is not room elsewhere) on the bottom portion of one’s free-standing bookshelf even though these seforim would be very close to the floor? Should only secular seforim be placed in the lower portion of a bookcase?


It is beautiful that you have such feeling about the respect of our holy books. Halachically there is no preference to which shelf in the bookcase the seforim are on. Since the seforim are on the shelf of the bookcase they are considered in a container and not on the floor. If you feel that it isn’t respectful, you should change them.


Mikdash Me’at 282-31, Biur Halacha 43 D:H Umenichan, Ginzei Hakodesh 2 ftnt. 6.

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