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Can a bais din summons to foreign country?


Can an Israeli bais din serve a hazmonoh to come to Israel, even if one lives outside Israel, on basis that the dispute concerns dealings in israel? I see you quoted the Rema to say that defendant always has the right to choose. This Bais Din quotes the Meharashdam (Ch’M 103)

Additionally none of the business was transacted in Israel. So who gets to decide that?

Thank You


Two points

  1. The question of whether the business was done in Israel can certainly be handled by your local beis din so you can reply to the Israeli Beis Din that you claim that the business was handled outside of Israel and he should be tovea you in your local beis din on that issue and if the beis din there rules that you have to have the case heard in Israel you will do so.
  2. If you so desire our beis din Nesevos Chaim sits in Jerusalem and hears cases via Skype so you can have both needs taken care at the same time. If you want to do this, reply to the Beis din in Israel that you want your case heard in Beis din Nesevos Chaim and the tovea should be tovea you there. The beis din hears cases in English if you so desire. The sec of the beis din can be reached at (02) 503-3637 bet 6:3- 8:00 PM. 


    Answered by Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a


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  1. thank you . i will certainly consider this option after i have answered as yo suggest.

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