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English Book Genizah



I have a bunch of books that are “Jewish” books which I wouldn’t necessarily say are “seforim”. They are more like books that talk about Jewish concepts and have some pesukim and gemaras quoted throughout (not very much, just minimally). I am looking to get rid of them and am wondering if these books need to be put genizah or not.



From your question it isn’t clear to me, just what kind of books you’re referring to. There are many books that talk about Jewish ideology, hashkafa, or books that talk about how the torah wants us to improve and perfect ourselves. These would all be considered seforim, and need to be put into genizah. However if they are only discussing miscellaneous topics, and there happen to be, some gemorahs etc. quoted in them, I would need more specifics as to the books content.



Shvus Yackov 1-15, Ginzei Hakodesh 8-1.

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