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Embarrassing others in the past, gehennom, and what to do for teshuva

Rabbi I emailed before never seems to acknowledge part about Rambam. I am afraid I would fail to ever do proper Teshuva in this world so I am scared if the Rabbi does not acknowledge the part about Rambam’s stance on Gehinom and embarrassing others, he made it a “Psak” for me that I will stay in Gehinnom forever chas vishalom if I fail in doing Teshuva in this lifetime. It is unfair that some just do not want to acknowledge it.


I don’t think the Rabbi was giving you a psak, he was trying to give you advice, and I am sure that he would agree to what I quoted from the Rambam, and it could be that this Rambam just slipped his mind, and I am sure that he would acknowledge it. I don’t think that you have to fear that you will c”v stay in gehinnom forever, because we know that there is nothing that stands in the way of teshuva, and if we do teshuva as best as we can, then H-shem will surely help.

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