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Divorce question


My wife and I have decided to get divorce. We live separately already and we have already filed civil court divorce papers.
The questions we have is what is the process to get a “GET”?
Do I need to bring our parents? Do I need to bring the original witnesses? Do I need to go to the same Rabbi whom married us? Do I need to tell the Rabbi what is going on? Do I need my Katubah? Please let me know. Thank you


A “get” is the term for a Jewish divorce. It is what is needed in order for a married man or woman in order to remarry according to Jewish law.¬†Without it, niether of them may remarry, and they are not permitted to have relations with anyone until it is given.

You do not need to bring your parent or the original witnesses, just bring along the kesutah.

It is important that you be in contact with a Rabbi proficient in these laws, as it is imperitive that it be done correctly. If you need help findsinf one, let me know

Best Wishes


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  1. Thank you.

    Two questions:

    1) Can you please provide me with a Rabbi name and info in my zip code (11023) that I could email or call, whom is proficient in these laws?

    2) what if I can’t find my Katubah. Now what?

    Thank you.

    1. Here is the name of a Rabbi in your area, he should be able to guide you where to go.
      His Name is Rabbi Lerner of the Young Israel of Great Neck
      His phone # is 516-829-6040
      His e-mail address is [email protected]
      If you have any problem with it, let me know.

      Even you don’t have your ketubah, they will be able to manage it.
      Best wishes

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