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Going to Mikva l’chumra (because “libo nokfo”) (follow up #2)


Yes, we dropped it by a local “halacha hotline” service. Although he commented that it was large he said it was still ok (kesem)


If the Rov was qualified to answer such questions, and I assume he was, then it was already paskened, and in shomayim they consider her tahor. Therefore I don’t think you should do anything, because by second guessing the rov it will erode our overall emunas chacomin. This will cause, that the next time he says something is assur you aren’t going to believe him either. Therefore it isn’t a good idea to be machmir here.

 If you would like you can go back to him and ask him, if there is a makom to be machmir here. If he says yes, then you may, and then count 5&7, like any kesem that is tameh.


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