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Meat forks soaked in dairy pot,


I discovered that a dairy pot had been left to soak with meat forks in it for the duration of Shabbat. The pot had been used to boil eggs, and the forks had been used for meat, but the water was cold. We would not be able to replace either pot or cutlery anytime soon. Is the pot still ok? Are the forks?


From your question I understand that the pot was not used for hot milky things for 24hrs. prior to the end of shabbos. Therefore it will not cause the meaty forks to absorb any taste, and therefore the forks are fine.

As far as the pot is concerned, we are only concerned with the actual meat that was left on the forks. Which I would assume was not be more than a sixtieth to the water in the pot, and the pot itself. Therefore the meat on them couldn’t give taste to the pot, and therefore it is also fine. Just wash it off well with soap and  cold water.


Y:D 103-5, 98-1.

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