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Removal of polyp from womb


My wife has not menstruated for many years and is about to have a thankfully non-malignant polyp removed from her womb. She asks whether this will put her in nidda and whether she will be required to bensch gomel. Thank you.


It will make her a niddah. This is because it is going to cause bleeding from the uterus, not only from getting into the uterus, but also from the removal of the polyp. This applies even though she didn’t see in a long time.

Regarding Hagomel, women don’t usually say hagomel, for reasons of tznius. Even though there are women who do say it after a birth, that is because the birth was something that everyone knows in any case. 


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  1. Thank you very much. My wife now asks the following:

    1. The doctor says she may see no blood. In that case does is she in nidda anyway and if so for how long?
    2. Assuming she will in fact see blood, how many days must she wait after it stops? 5? 7?

    1. If there is no blood then let me know.
      A woman must wait 5 days from when she was permitted to her husband before starting the seven cleam days. If she will bleed more than 5 days or if she will wait more than 5 days after surgery to make a hefsek tahara, (which most probably will be medically recommended) then she only has to count 7 days.

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