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Heating up food in a non Kosher Microwave


I was told that it is ok to heat up kosher food in non kosher microwave if it is double wraped. Is this true? Also is it ok to heat it up in a glass container with a tight plastic lid that is leak proof without double wraping it, in example soup in the glass bowl with the lid tight and leak proof?
Does it matter if it is for me or a non kosher eater?

Thank you so much


Both of your questions are OK.

Regarding the glass container, you should be careful that the surface that the container is place upon, is clean, and it is better to place a plate under the container. Otherwise when the microwave heats up, whatever spilled on the bottom of the microwave lit will get absorbed into the container with the food.

It doesn’t matter whether it is for a kosher or non kosher eater, if it is for a Jew we can’t give him something that isn’t kosher.



Pischei Halacha Pg 23-234

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