Two of my adult children recently made aliyah. My wife and I and our other children would like to join them sooner then later. Eventually we are going to have to take a very expensive pilot trip out to Israel from Los Angeles. My question is, can we use maaser or Tzadaka money for that purpose?


It is nice to hear that you want to grow and make aliyah. H-shem should help you and your plans should be fulfilled easily.

Regarding financing he trip from maser money, it isn’t so simple. The expenses of the hotel, eating etc. which are expenses that you would need in any case, cannot be taken from maser money. Regarding the plane tickets, and actual expense of coming to check out Eretz Yisroel to live here, it is controversial. Many poskim say that it isn’t money being given to poor people therefore it cannot be used. However R’ S. Z. Auerbach zt”l held that if you wouldn’t be able to make the trip without it, then you can use maser money for it.

Even if you don’t use maser money, the expense that you will have from the trip will not be wasted, it will be an investment that will pay you well in the future.


Yaskil Avdi Y:D 1-13( 3), Borach Tzedkah 11-18, and responsa from R’ S. Z. Auerbach 22 in the back of the sefer. R’ Yisroel Cahen shlit”a.

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