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Making a bracha in a shower room


Dear Rabbi,
Does a dedicated bathroom (with a bath shower and no toilet) have the same din as a toilet?
I.e. Just as in a toilet one may not make a bracha, does this also apply to the dedicated bathroom (is the din more lenient/stricter)?


A dedicated shower room regarding saying brachos has the same din as a bathroom, and we should not say brachos there.

If the shower room is like many apartments in Eretz Yisroel, that have a sink, a closet, and possibly a washing machine in there, and no toilet, and are used for other uses also then it is more lenient is certain ways. Although we shouldn’t say brachos there, but if we go inside it we don’t have to wash our hands. It is preferable not to wash our hands in there for a meal, but for other reason we may. The bracha however should be said outside. In such a shower room one may also think in learning.  


O:CH 84.

Regarding shower room that is used for other uses see Teshuvos V’hanghagos 1-3 that it is similar to the “bais Haemtzei” middle room of a bathhouse, that we shouldn’t make brachos there, but if one went in there he doesn’t have to wash his hands, ( Regarding washing ones hands there he says that it is preferable to wash them outside the shower room. Also see Tzitz Eliezer 7-5, that paskins similarly, with some differences. Be’er Moshe 4-3, Piskei Teshuvos 4- 19. Piskei Teshuvos 84-4.

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