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Milichig sponge on fleishig pot


If the cleaning girl used my Milichig sponge on my fleishig pots what do I do?


If the pot had actually fleishig on it, then the sponge should be thrown out because it is too hard to clean. If it was a clean pot and it was only used for pareve, then the sponge is alright.

 Regarding the pot: If it was washed with cold water or even warm water, that wasn’t yad soledes bo, 110 F, then it is fine. Just wash it off with soap to get off anything the sponge might have left on it, and it is alright.

If the pot was washed with hot water, then it would need kashering by pouring hot water over it. Wash the pot from any dirt or residue, and make sure it is clean. Then pour boiling water over all surfaces of the pot, the inside and outside and its handle, and then rinse it in cold water, and the pot is kashered.   


If the pot was washed in warm water there aren’t any bli’ous, and we just have to get any grease off the pot. If it was washed with hot water it absorbed milchig with iruy kli rishon, therefore kashering it with pouring boiling water all over it will suffice.

O:CH 451-5,12

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