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Dairy fork touched meat.


I accidentally used a dairy metal fork to flip meat that was baking in the oven. The fork was not used for anything in the past 24 hours and was clean.

Do I have to kasher the fork?


Yes you do, since the fork has meat taste inside it. It will need hagalah. Make sure it isn’t a ben yomo anymore from the met, clean it well. Put it into a pot of water as it is boiling, for a few seconds, then rinse it off, and it is fine.


Although it absorbed taste in a dry way, it still only needs hagalah since the fork wasn’t used in 24 hrs. so it is like “hetera bola” and hagalah will suffice. See Y:D 21-4, Shut Chasam Sofer Y:D 110, Lehoros Nosan1-33 (11), Megilas Sefer Inyonim B’orach Chaim 21-5, Orchos Habayis10-8

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