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Toivel hand blender? other electricals


Do I need to toivel a hand blender – it may ruin electrics AND warranty
Also sandwich toaster??


Both of them should be toiveled by placing the whole appliance into the water. Afterwards shake out any water that is inside it, and let it stand in the sun or a warm place for two days, or you can blow dry it, and you will see that nothing will get ruined.


Shevet Ha’Levi Y.D. 2:57:3, Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita, see Be’er Moshe 4:100, Rivevos Ephraim 2:172:10, see 3:502.

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  1. It might be worth adding the piece of advice that since immersing those items *will* invalidate the warranty – much as we know that generally immersion won’t ruin them if done with care – it is worth testing the devices in advance without food just to make sure that they’re not complete duds from the get-go. (If they don’t work before being immersed then they can be returned under warranty)

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