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Why was Aharon chosen to be Kohen Gadol?


Please see 28:1. Why was Aharon chosen as Kohen Gadol? Ibn Ezra here and in Shemos 6:23 seems to say it’s because Moshe’s wife wasn’t jewish whereas Aharon’s wife was jewish. Furthermore Moshe was busy teaching Mitzvot and acting as a judge. Why not even mention that Aharon was a great man and deserved it regardless of his wife? If Aharon didn’t deserve it, couldn’t G-d have given the job of Kohen Gadol to a completely different person?


The Ibn Ezra is dealing with the question why Aharon was the Kohen Gadol and not Moshe, after all he was the kohen gadol during the 7 days that the mishkan was inaugurated? His question was not if he was or wasn’t a great person, that is a given.

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