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Leaving the bimah after an aliyah


After an Aliyah, the halacha states to take the longest route back to your seat. Let’s say you sit to the right of the bimah. I’ve seen people walk to the right and make a complete circle going behind the bimah. Is this necessary? Or can you just walk to the left that way you don’t make a complete circle?


The halacha states that when going to the aliya he should take the shortest route, anxious to get his aliya. However on the way back he should  take the longer route, so it shouldn’t look as if he wants to just get done with the aliya. It does not say to take the longest route. If your seat is to the right of the bimah you may exit it from the left side to go to your seat.

Another point, the halacha states that he should go to the right only if both ways of getting to the bimah are equal, (if your seat is directly in front of in back of the bimah).


O:Ch 141-7, M:B ibid 22-23.

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