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Two Brachos on mixed foods


When making 2 brochos on foods that require two brachos (like mixtures), what is the correct procedure? I make the first bracha and eat a piece of that food. When I make the second bracha , must I eat only a piece of the second food or may I eat a whole spoon which would include the first food too?


Nice question.

Often the reason why we would make two brachos is because it isn’t clear if we have to say one bracha or two. Meaning it isn’t clear if one type is going to exempt the other from saying a bracha on it. Therefore what is done is to totally remove a little of each type, and now when it is separate it needs it own bracha. Therefore even when you eat the second type it should be removed so it is by itself.

(If two brachos are clearly needed then what you are suggesting would be true, as it isn’t a safek.


R’ Stitzberg shlit”a, author of Sharei Habracha

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