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Mesulekes damim


My wife had an iud inserted and she was Spotting after that. Then she had 7 clean days and went to the mikva. Two days later she got a period. After the 5 days she counted 7 clean days. On day 7 there was an issue with bedika and we realized there was a maka. She went to the mikva. Now the vestos are coming up. She happens to be nursing (and supplementing)
My question is, do we have to be separate on the vest and does she have to do bedikos on the onah beinonis and yom hachodesh. Also how many bedikos?


 You should separate and she should do bedikos of onah beinonis and yom hachodesh. Although there are opinions that are lenient, this is the opinion of most poskim.

 Regarding the amount of bedikos, if you are still afraid that she has a maka there, she can do only one bedikah. 


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    1. the taz, however there are differant opinions as to what he means

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