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Giving a hitch to yeshiva bochurim


When driving by a bus stop in the cold, one sees a few yeshiva bachurim and wants to give them a lift so that they don’t have to wait for the bus in the cold. However, there are also goyim at the bus stop who see that one is offering rides and also desire to enter his car. However, one does not want to let the goyim into his car due to safety reasons, as they are complete strangers. What should one do to avoid a chillul Hashem when the goyim see that only the bachurim are allowed into the car, while he tells the goyim to wait for the bus? Should one say that the bachurim are his brothers, since all Jews are called brothers? But still it would seemingly be a Chillul Hashem, as the goyim would feel discriminated against, and they already got excited over the fact that they would be getting a ride.


I don’t see what is wrong with telling them that these guys are your friends, (we are always more friendly with people that are more similar to us). It is very understood that a person will only want to give a hitch to people that he is comfortable with, and not to someone that he feels is a total stranger.


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