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Cookbooks on Yom Tov


I hear that there is a problem using a menu on Yom Tov because of Shtarei Hadyotos. Does this same problem apply to using a cookbook, or are there any other issues involved?


The issue of shtorei hedyotos does not apply to a cookbook, but only to a list of guest or other lists. The reason for the prohibition is because one might come to cross out some of the guest if he is short on food, or because it is similar to shorey hedyotos, and both reasons don’t apply to a cookbook. A cookbook isn’t a list that might be crossed out, because we are short on food. Besides there are poskim that say that it doesn’t apply to private people making a meal, since we usually prepare enough, ( but it would apply to a hotel, where they are particular about how much food is used). Another reason it wouldn’t apply to a cookbook on yom tov is because food preparation on yom tov is a mitzvah.

There are poskim that say that on shabbos it might be a kli shemilachto l’issur, because it is used for cooking, which is prohibited on shabbos. This however will not apply on yom tov.


OC:H 307-12 M:B 47, SS:K Chapter 29 ftnt. 123 and 133 in the name of Mikroei Kodesh and R’ Eliyashiv zt”l,

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