In which categories of muktzeh (on Shabbos) do the following fall:
Diamonds (not intended for sale)
Raw meat


If the diamond is in a ring, then it is like other articles of clothing and not muktza. However if it is just by itself, even if it isn’t intended for sale, it will still be muktza machmas chisoron kis, because people will be careful with it, due to fear that something so expensive will get lost or ruined. Aside from this, it is also a rock, which is muktza machmas gufo.

Regarding raw meat, essentially it is muktza, as it is usually not eaten that way. However in a case that will incur a loss, (the meat fell out of the freezer and it will spoil) then one can be lenient. Although some people eat Carpaccio, it isn’t made from frozen meat, and only from certain cuts of meat. Therefore the regular halachos of muktza by meat will apply.


O:CH 308- 1, 22, 31 M:B 125, Aruch Hashulchan ibid 58, SS:K 20-83.

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2 Responses to “Muktzeh category of meat and diamonds”

  1. a diamond has no comparison to a rock – it is cut, formed, fashioned and sold – if someone has one that he doesn’t plan to sell – rather a collection of precious gems or whatever – this is a kli shemelachto lheter – hence chesron kis wont apply – just like a diamond studded kiddush cup

    • A brick is also formed fashioned and sold, but since it has no use on shabbos, and it isn’t a kli, it is muktza, like a rock. Besides, a daimond is also very precious and therefore it is also chesaron kis.

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