Where is the boundary for checking for chometz, must one check the whole world for chametz, perhaps he has left chometz their?


There are two parts to getting rid of our chometz. The first is that we shouldn’t own any chometz, and for this we nullify ownership and make any chometz that we might have, into ownerless and hefker. Although technically we can fulfill the biblical commandment by nullifying the chometz, we are also commanded by chazal to physically search and rid ourselves from any chometz that may be in our property. This is because we may come to eat it, if it is in our possession. Therefore if the chometz is out in the street, and not in our property, we do not have to get rid of it.


Rambam Hil. Chometz U’matza 2-2,3.

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2 Responses to “Checking around for chometz”

  1. But one does have to search in other places besides his home, such as his school or yeshiva locker, office, car, summer home (unless it is sold to the goy)…. So the question is asking, where does it end?

    • Yes. He has to check whatever is his property or a place that he keeps his things, such as his locker summer home office car etc. Regarding his schoool and shul, there should be someone from the administrstion of the school of shul doing that.

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