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Dairy food placed in a meat container


My friend gave me some room temp dairy soup after shabbos to bring home. She only just realized the container she put it in was a clean meat plastic container. The soup has been in the container for about 30 minutes. The container can be discarded, but is the soup still ok to eat? Can I heat it up in my dairy pot?


The soup is still pareve, since the container was clean and the soup wasn’t in there for 24 hours. You may also heat it up in a dairy pot. The container does not have to be discarded, just wash it well with soap and water, (not hot water).

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  1. My daughter is not just strictly kosher, she is vegan, so she is extra cautious. A gallon of milk in our refrigerator leaked and soaked a bunch of raw vegetables, and we did not discover this for at least 24 hours. I told her to just rinse the vegetables in cold water well and they would still be parve because nothing was cooked together. She says they are now dairy, can you please let me know who is correct?

    1. She is correct, because if sonething soaks in dairy, it marinates and the milk gets absorbed inside it.

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