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Kashering a washing cup


Is a washing cup that is used year round need to be kashered for pesach?


No, It wasn’t used for chometz. It doesn’t need to be kashered for pesach, however many people use a “pesach” one, because it might have come in contact with chometz.


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  1. One thought on this answer.
    If the question had stated that the washing cup in question was one which was kept at the kitchen sink (and therefore perhaps frequently put in a dirty sink) would it really be advisable to use it in the same way on Pesach?

    1. True. If the question was that it was used with chometz, then it should be kashered for pesach, and it is better to use a differant one. However I didn’t understand the question that way.

  2. it is common to defrost different things in a washing cup it also is around chametz hot and cold, and may touch hot food on pesach, I think the minahg is to use a different one fro pesach as it is no better than candlesticks on the table

    1. Michael – are you suggesting that candlesticks shouldn’t be put on the table during Pesach just because they were on the table during the year?

      If you hold that way I can understand that you’d be strict on washing cups, but I don’t see why candlesticks should be the “obvious” thing to learn from. I would have thought that washing candlesticks with cold water would suffice and, at most, if food lands on them, not using that food, and that one would be stricter with a washing cup specifically because significant past contact with chometz is likely (which it really isn’t with candlesticks).

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