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Meat soup in dairy pot


I cooked soup using a dairy pot. I just realized that the consume that I used chicken flavor is meat. What do I do? Do I have to throw out the pot?


You don’t have to throw out the pot, but you do have to kasher it with the heat of a kli rishon.

This is the way to do it.

  1. The pot has to be scrubbed so it is totally clean of any dirt, grime or rust, including the pot, handle and any joints.
  2. Then it can either be inserted into another pot that is boiling. Alternatively the pot itself can be filled until the top with water and brought to a rolling boil. Then something hot should be stuck inside it to cause the water to flow over the sides of the pot, (you can also shake the pot in a way the water goes over the sides to kasher the top of the walls). Note: this option will not work for the handles of the pot, as the water won’t get there. For the handles, you will need to pour bioling water over them.
  3. After this the pot should be rinsed in cold water.


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  1. in method 2 – what about kashering the handles of the pot? תנא – יב

    1. Good point. I will included it in the answer.

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