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Removing a mezuzah when selling a house.


If a person sells his house to a Jewish family, but they don’t want the mezuzot that you have, are you able to take off your mezuzot?
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They should replace the mezuzos, with theirs, and then return them to you. You should not take them off before other mezuzos are affixed to the doorposts.


Y:D 291-2,

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  1. My husband and I are buying a condo where mazzuzas are on every door frame
    We will put a kosher one after the apt is prepared for us
    We are both Jewish as is the seller
    What do we do about the ones that are currently their ?

    1. If they are kosher then they can be given to other people that need mezuzas, or they can be lent out when people need them. If they aren’t kosher, they should be put into shaimos, however they don’t go into the regular geneiza, rather into a part that is designated for old parshios of teffilin and mezuzas, as these have to be buried in a earthenware jug.

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