Do I need to kasher a brand-new pot for Pesach? Or (once it is toveled) is it OK for Passover use?

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There are different opinions among the poskim if new pots, which are smeared with an oil to make them shiny, need to be kashered. The custom in the states is not to and in Israel many do kasher them.


Chazon Ish O:CH 119-19, Har Tzvi Y:D 110, Orchos Habayis 10-7, Maadanei Osher Y:D 160-8, Tzitz Eliezer 12-55, MIshneh Halachos 7-112, Shulchan Halevi 1 pg. 237, Moriah Nissan 5750 pg. 98 article from R’ Y> Y. Neuwirth Zt”l.

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