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Kashering an induction hob.


We replaced our non kosher glass top induction hob with a new one. We have been using it for milk and meat ( with a break in between ) I realize I may have to kasher my pots again. My question is how do I make the induction hob kosher when it’s been used for milk and meat?


In order to answer your question we need more information as to why the hotel canceled. Was it because of a reason beyond their control? Is it something that they should have known about beforehand, or not? Also, it is possible for him to use the ticket anyways? Also, why should he have to make a claim for the hotel, they should surely refund his money?

Although I am not personally familiar with an induction hob, my understanding of it is, that the glass sheet underneath the pots does not get hot, and only the pot and the food inside it does. Even if glass does get hot, it would only be as a result of the hot metal pot sitting on top of it. Therefore in order for the glass to become trief we would need that the meaty pot spilled over, and within 24 hours from the first spill milk spilled on it, or if the first spill wasn’t cleaned up yet.

If even if this what happened, and it is trief, it is only at a level of iruy kli rishion, and it can be kashered by cleaning the surface of the glass top well, and then pouring boiling water over each part of the top of it.    


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