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shloshim for parent/ pesach


A person is in “SHLOSHIM” for a parent. Pesach occurs during “SHLOSHIM”. Can a person take a haircut, shave and cut nails on EREV PESACH? Can a person send clothes(SUIT, SHIRTS) to the cleaners before EREV PESACH to be worn on PESACH even during SHLOSHIM? PLEASE EXPLAIN FULLY. THIS IS FOR ASHKANAZIE.


A person in shloshim for a parent cannot take a haircut until his hair is overgrown for the first 12 months, so shloshim isn’t going to help us here. For shloshim on other relatives, since the yom tov would take off the shloshim on may take a haircut on erev yom tov in the afternoon, and erev pesach even in the morning, however as stated this will not apply to an avel for a parent.

Regarding sending your clothes to the dry cleaners, it is permitted since you are not wearing them until after the shloshim is finished.


Y:D 398-3, 4,

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