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mikva tahara


So I was once reading online about men using a women’s mikva and somewhere it said that they can’t because they might get zera in the water and it will impregnate the women I don’t think that’s why but it did get me thinking… wouldn’t zera tumay up the water or would the mikva be metaher the water? I know it kind of sounds like purim torah but still curious.


Zera doesn’t make the mikvah tamei. IN the time of the bais hamikdash it had a degree of tumah, however nowadays that we are all tamei mes anyways, this is not a concern.


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  1. Is this a legitimate concern that if a man is motzi zera in the mikva, unintentionally or c”v otherwise, it might impregnate a lady who immerses subsequently?

    1. Yes there is such a concern. Yirmiyuha had a son that was called ben sira that was born that way. See Y:D 195- Taz 7 that a woman should not sleep on the linens of a foreign man. Also see E:H Chelkas Michokek 1-8.

  2. could one daven afterwards or would he have to shower first?

    1. You may daven, and there is no need to take a shower first.

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