BH my wife is pregnant. How do we calculate Onot?


You should calculate the onot regularly until she passes them for the first time. Meaning that she should check herself on the onah benonis and yom hachodesh, (which probably passed by the time you find out that she is pregnant), and the haflagah. After these pass she doesn’t have to check for the next yom hachodesh.

BT”W it is common for women to have light staining during pregnancy at the time that the first period should of come. If this happens she should count the regular onot.

If for whatever reason there would be an onah after three months from the mikvah, then she does not have to count that at all.


Y:D 184-7Chasam Sofer ibid 69, Shiurei Shevet Halevi ibid 1.

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2 Responses to “How do we calculate onot for a pregnant woman?”

  1. So after the first time passes there is no reason for concern anymore? Meaning that any chazakah is gone?

    • Not that the chazakah is gone, but since she doesn’t have a vest kavuah, we aren’t going to assume that she will get her vest now. If she would have a vest kavuah for a certain yom hachodesh, then she would have to keep the next one until she is into her third month of pregnancy. (see Shiurei Shevet Halevi in the sources)

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