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Doing bedikos after the vestos pass


Must a woman still continue to do bedikos after her Yom hachodesh and Haflaga etc passed and there was no blood.
Do we say that since her period is going to come soon probably, she has to check or do we say that she only has to do the 3 bedikos of vest?


If I understand your question correctly, there may be one of two issues here.

  1. If she had other haflagos that were longer than the last one, for example that last period came on day 32, however she had other periods, that were longer, let’s say 35 days. In such a case there are different opinions if she should make bedikos on those days. The Shach (Y:D 189-40) and others says that we don’t have to worry about a period that was longer after a shorter one, but the Bais Meir (ibid 13) and others argue on this. It is preferable to be machmir for the opinion of the Bais Meir. The poskim say that even if one is machmir, there is no need to do this for more than three times. For example if she saw on day 35 and the next three periods she saw shorter than that, she doesn’t have to worry about the 35th day anymore.
  2. The other issue that you might have, is that even if she doesn’t have to check because of the vest itself, however there is still an issue of “roeh dam machmas tashmish”, meaning that she might see because of having relations. In order to clear up this issue the woman makes a bedikah right before and immediately after having relations, (the husband should also check himself afterwards) to make sure that she did not get her period as a result, and this is not an issue. After doing this check on three occasions she doesn’t have to even do this again, as she is established that she is not “roeh dam…”etc. These bedikos are not done during the time of the month that she usually doesn’t see, but only after she has reached a time that it is possible that she will see. Therefore now that she finished her haflagah, if the couple has not yet done these bedikos, they should do it then.


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