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Recovery of legal fees for false mesirah


A Jew(1) wants us angry at another Jew(2) and wants what they(2) own, so they(1) go to the gentile police with a fictional story that they(1) were attacked by this Jew(2). In actuality, they(1) attacked this other Jew(2) to steal their wallet and car keys. This Jew(2) fled without retaliation. They(1) then injured themselves In order to have “proof” of that thus hated Jew(2) attacked them for the police. This hated Jew(1) was arrested, jailed, and enormous legal fees.

There were no witnesses in this attack and attempted robbery. however, the hated victim Jew(2) had injuries from the attempted robbery by the mesira Jew(2).

Can the legal fees be recovered in Bais Din?


It sounds really sad, but on a practical level, I don’t really understand, how is (1) going to prove that (2) did anything wrong to him, if it couldn’t be proved in the secular court. So why should the bais din believe him enough to make the other person pay for it?


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