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Kohen at Auschwitz


As a followup question to , If it is permissible to put on Tefillin at Auschwitz, does that mean that a Kohen would be allowed to enter anywhere in the camp?


The halacha of Loeg L’rash, is not to do a mitzvah in front of a dead person. Included in this is a cemetery, which is a place that is made for burying people, or even if it isn’t a cemetery, but it is within 4 amos of a dead person, or in the same room as a dead person. There are places in Aushwitz that have parts of kedoshim that were killed, such as the crematoria, however most of the camp does not have dead bodies there. Therefore in most places there one may put teffilin on.   If someone is going there and wants to know where kohanim may or may not go, he may call Rabbi Munk at 972-50-413-7625.


O:CH 23-1,3.

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