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Making Berachah on water, if drunken inorder one not fast


If a person will not finish davening on shabbos until after chatzos, and therefore drinks water before davening so he shouldn’t fast however he isn’t thirsty enough to make a bracha. Is he still required to make a bracha because at the end of the day he is drinking so he shouldn’t fast?


Technically if he is not drinking because he is thirsty he doesn’t have to make a bracha. However practically he most probably is thirsty after not drinking all night.

By the way, if the water is hot (or cold) and he in enjoying the temperature of the water that would also be considered enjoying the water and he would make a bracha on it


Be’er Moshe 4-102 regarding a person that wants to drink hot water in the morning to alleviate heartburn, that he has to make a bracha because by the time the morning comes he will surely be drinking it also for thirst. NIshmas Avrohom 1- 204 ftnt1-3  in the name of R’ Neuwirth zt”l, R’ Stitzberg shlit”a author of Shaarei Habracha.

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  1. But if the water is a normal temperature (like in a water bottle) and he does not feel any feeling of thirst or a desire to drink, and his only reason for drinking is to avoid fasting, then he would seemingly be exempt from making a bracha?

    1. technically yes, practically though he most probably is thirsty and it benefiting from the water, since he didn’t drink all night.

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