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Bracha at Bedekin


Is there a specific bracha for the Kallah that the father and father-in-law give at the Bedecken before the Chupah? Some seem to only say a few words and others seem to say long Tefillot. But they all mumble silently, so it is hard to know what is commonly said.


There isn’t any specific text that should be said for this bracha and each person should give a bracha according to what he thinks is correct. The main thing is to give a bracha that the shidduch should work out well, with everything that they need. Some people give the bracha that a father blesses his children before Yom Kippur, Others say the bracha that Lavan gave Rivkah before she left with Eliezer, “ at heyee l’alfei revava…”, since this is one of the sources for giving a bracha before the chuppah.

This bracha doesn’t have to be given specifically after the bedeken. In places that the kallah goes to the kallah’s room before the chuppah, it can be given there also.


Siddur Yaavetz, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 147-3.

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